Ouchies. Double Ouchies…

I was sent out to help one of the day guys. Mike’s one of the younger, full of vigor guys, who will climb a near impossible pole to get his job done. This time he needed a ladder truck to access a terminal. I pulled up and put out my cones and safety flags. He asked if he could boom up but I said, “If something happens, I’ll get suspended.” I boomed up to the splice case, l should have noticed hornets heading in and out of the case. 

Upon opening the case a good ten hornets began to defend their home. I would show you a picture of my tummy as proof of their handy work but no one wants to see a fat belly. I boomed down and told Mike to find some wasp spray. He jumped in the bucket and went up to dispatched the remaining hornets. We joked about how they got me but we Snaked and Nape’ed them. 

The company rules says we need to wear long sleeve shirts when working in the air, I was wearing my World’s Largest Telecommunications Company tee shirt. I’m now sitting in my truck licking my wounds… I called Chris and told him what had happened and he called me a baby… Oh well. This too will pass

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