No Climate Change Here Mister…

A CalFire spokesperson just told reporters yesterday the massive fire outside of Big Sur California should be put out by the end of next month. Well that’s good news! The Clayton fire closer to home is now 70 percent contained and thus the smoke will lessen here. Funny thing about the Clayton fire, if it hadn’t been for the two large wildfires last year, they say this fire could have spread much faster and caused more destruction, there was little left to burn. Funny huh, it contained itself…

I forgot to mention the fire in the hills outside of Los Angeles. Brave firefighters were able to get that one under control quite quickly even though it spread from 5 acres to 48,000 acres in 24 hours. I’m sure the 80,000 residents of the area who were told to flee were so happy to return to their burnt homes and pick thru the cinders for anything of value.

Meanwhile, the people of Baton Rouge are drying out from a stalled front which dumped 30 plus inches of rain in 24 hours. I wonder if increased levels of carbon dioxide caused by our smoke in the atmosphere played a part in the front stalling over Louisiana? Probably not, just a thought. This too will pass

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