Last night The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company’s computer sent me to 1023 West Grand in Oakland. It’s a rather quiet area of West Oakland during the day but it gets bit dicey at night. I knew this job was going to be the last job of the day and I wasn’t about to pick up anything else. I called Rob and said, “I’ll make you helper ticket and we can ride this one out” As I waited for him to show up, I closed my driver’s window to prevent the crack whores and homeless from bothering me.

Twenty minutes later he pulled his truck directly in front of mine. We sat in my truck hearing the 49er game with both windows down. All of a sudden I hear a single loud pound on my side of the truck. A man came up to my window and said, “You ain’t no phone men. You da police.” Another man was on the curbside said, “This is our city and we kill undercover police like you.”

There’s no use arguing with morons and it wouldn’t have helped anyway. Rob replied, “Yeah…” The two men then went back to the rear of the truck and disappeared. I said, “Let’s get the **** out of here. Forget your cones.” He jumped out of the truck and ran to his truck, moments later we called the duty supervisor who told us to get back to the garage. A few minutes later he called the asset protection department and they did a phone interview. The operator asked, “Other than your safety cones, was any other company equipment left behind?” She didn’t bother asking if we were ok, I guess that’s why they call themselves, asset protection. This too will pass

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