Free Phones…

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company has it’s garage in Oakland located across from a low income housing project. Everyday, booths are set up by no-name cellular phone companies trying to hand out free phones and low rate plans. I had never heard the term Obama Phone until someone, whom I thought was incredibly intelligent, said, “Oh everyone calls those free phones, Obama phones.” Then I realized she not that intelligent, she’s just another Fox follower.

The truth is, only the morons at Fox News and their simple minded viewers call them Obama phones. The truth is, they’re part of California’s low income telecommunications accessibility program, CTAP. It has nothing to do with President Obama but Fox tells their troops that he is to blame for the poor living off us.

The next thing you know, Fox will be calling hydrophobia,  Obama Rabies and you know as well as I do, they’ll put a picture of a rabid dog on the screen with a sub-title of Obama Rabies… A commentator, such as Hannity, well tell his drooling audience, “See folks. This is what your President had done to our country.” I refuse to watch Fox anything… This too will pass

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