Foolishly, I thought the thick trunk would crash down with the slightest cut from the baby saw but the once mighty and majestic oak wasn’t ready to give up. It took me 45 minutes to free up the tip of the saw’s blade. It was so pinched, I needed to find a chisel and hammer and take gashes out of the trunk to free it. At one point, a quarter inch of chain was so tightly bound that I nearly gave up and called it a day.

The Tree Falling Gods must have been telling me today was not to be a chain sawing day. After I had freed that saw, I moved onto fall another damaged tree. I literally had to battle with him yet he wasn’t going to go without a fight. All his limbs had been sliced away when his neighbor toppled over and his demise was surely   immenant but he wasn’t giving up. 

Not having much success this morning, I called it quits and went to take a shower. Loyal Toonce had watched me the entire time and noticed how it wasn’t going well. On the way back down the hill he meowed, “I liked those trees. They made good scratching posts.” I replied, “They are aren’t they!” This too will pass

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