Another Callout…

I got the call at 10:30pm, I had just fed Mr. Toonce his late supper, when a cheery voice said, “Hi Juan. Do you want to do three locates in Oakland?” I hadn’t even taken off my boots so what could I say? “Sure! Build me in the system and I’ll head out in 5 minutes.” Toonce wasn’t happy but the four hours of double time will cover a couple of car payments and a month’s worth of cat yums.
I jumped back in the car and headed south to Oakland. It was 12am when I got to my truck and logged into the computer. First job up was in East Oakland’s kill zone. 2120 45th Ave. The next one was even in a more dangerous area, East 12th and 40th. I said to myself, “Just get in and get out.” After the other night, I’m thinking about buying a Kevlar vest. The final one was in an even worse area, 90th and International, which is truly the infamous “kill zone.” I yelled out, “Yee Haa! I guess if I get shot, at least the company would have to pay my benefactors handsomely.”

I ended up taking it to 3:30am and the funny thing is, no manager at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company cares. An hour of that overtime was my drive back north. By 3:35am, I was snuggling my feline friend and scratching his chin. I said to him, “Oh don’t be mad. I  paid for a lot of Fancy Feast!” He just meowed as if to say, “Turn off the light and go to sleep.” This too will pass

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