Are You Propositioning Me…

This coming November’s ballot in California will be interesting to say the least. A couple of death penalty propositions are on the ballot; one to kill them faster and one to stop killing them. Next up is legalization of marijuana, everyone smokes dope it here so why have it on the ballot? Let’s see, there’s a two dollar a pack tax on cigarettes up for a vote but more people smoke ganja than Kools.

There’s a couple of sugary drink taxes on the ballot too and the beverage industry is already are have their ads opposing the tax. Did you know the price of baby food will increase and dogs will live in unholy matrimony with cats should this tax be passed. Something about food shortages and nuns being kicked by men in steel boots will also happen. I’m voting for the tax, it might help me lose my spare tire. 

I love this time of year when the political ads start up, “You like children don’t you?  Bill Smith will outlaw smiling children if he’s elected. This ad is not endorsed by any candidate.” What?  Sometimes I wonder what happens to the people who do these ads? I guess they vanish until next June. By the way, I’m voting against the death penalty proposition, they’re in hell already. I’m voting for pot, they say it’s good for a person’s stool and yes on 2 bucks a pack, nasty habit smoking is… This too will pass

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