Stop The Noise Please…

Have you ever woken up to find a cat looking you square in the eyes? Toonce meowed, “You’re late with the food!” I reached around for my phone and said, “Man Toonce, that was a late night! It’s 8am.” I had promised myself I’d start splitting those mountains of wood today now that the machine is back up and working. Toonce meowed, “Feed me first. I’m hungry and you might forget.”

I threw on my pants and boots and headed up the hill to the area where the firewood operation is staged. The splitter only took two pulls to start which was way better than before. I then opened the fuel tank and noticed it was only half full.”Wonderful and I think we’re out of petrol.” Toonce found his way to me after having his morning nibbles. He meowed, “Is it requires you make so much noise every morning? Stop please my ears are sensitive.”

Slowly one of the piles of rounds started to look as if I had made a dent in it, that’s when the tank hit empty and everything came to a stop. I turned to Toonce and said, “Okay Boo, that’s a wrap.” He meowed, “Go take a shower and isn’t there any way you can put a better muffler on that machine?” We both walked back to base camp and while I shaved and showered, Toonce made himself comfortable and settled in for a day’s nap… This too will pass

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