Soon Winter Will Be Here…

Toonce usually wants out as soon as he has finished his late night supper. For some reason, he decided to stay in. I said, “I know it’s starting to get cold out there buddy. You had better start to get that winter coat going.” He meowed in agreement. Yes, the days are indeed getting shorter and my furry friend knows it. 

 I fed my buddy his morning can of yums and rather than making his way to the door, he climbed up on me for some needed scratching under the chin. I said to him, “Your fur needs to be a lot thicker or you’ll freeze your paws off out there.” He meowed as if to say, “Yes! I need to bulk up a bit.” I must finish this post, post haste. Toonce just motioned to me to turn off the light and close my eyes. This too will pass 

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