Being a Moron…

I ask the following question to those who think they’re incredibly intelligent yet display their simple mindedness, “How does it feel to be a moron?” I know these are harsh words but I can’t believe how easily led some people are. They say, “I saw it somewhere Obama did this or that.” What they really are saying is, “I saw it on the computer box with a TV attached to it so it must be true.” 

Just today someone sent me a bunch of stuff from the usual Right Wing Tool Department. Did you know if Hillary gets in office she’ll change The Constitution so that cats and dogs will be allowed to marry, unholy as that sounds. She will force expectant mothers to feed their infants PCB laced formula and finally everyone will get a Clinton Phone as opposed to an Obama Phone. With Hillary’s Phone you get free calls to ISIS held counties and texting to Afghanistan is always free. 

If I hear one more time, “Hillary did this or Hillary is a crook.” I’m going to lose it. The drumbeat of she’s not trustworthy and she’s bad is all they have. The Right has a guy running who actually thinks we can just solve our international issues with nuclear weapons. To be fair, even some of the older more wise folks on the right side of the aisle know that talk is dangerous. Maybe the talk of nuking people works in the backwater trailer parks of America but come on, it is beyond dangerous. This too will pass

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