It Comes and Goes…

Toonce insisted I show you this picture, it’s one of his favorites. He smacks his cat lips everytime he sees it. Anyway, I just checked out my bank balance and my check from The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company dropped in. Finally, a good sized check wages wise, I must say it really pays to work overtime. This has been the first overtime we’ve had since The Company bought Directv. 
September 9th’s check will be even better. Three hours of my ten hour shift today and all of my eight hour shift tomorrow will be double time. Eighty-something an hour is pretty good and I volunteered to work Labor Day at double time and a half. One hundred something an hour is well worth working on Labor Day. In fact I truly will be honoring labor on Labor Day.

I want to pay down my AMEX cards so I can once again jet back east to hold Baby Hunter. By the time you fly there, rent a car and get a hotel, it’s a couple of G’s but for me it’s well worth it… A few years back I brought home a 9895 dollar two week check after taxes. They had sent us on a loan to El Centro California after some flooding. I guess it doesn’t matter, all that money is long gone but really isn’t everything a memory? Yes, this too will pass

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