Pate vs. Shredded…

I know this is a weird subject to write about but it needs to be said, Toonce actually insisted I write this post. Tonight on the way home I realized we were low on cat yums. In the back of my mind all I could think of was Toonce’s meowing, “You know I’m getting sick of pate.” For some reason I keep buying pate hoping he’ll like it, well that never happens and the  meaty blob just goes uneaten.

Toonce like gravy and shredded meat product stuff. The other day, I walked into a Sprouts Market thinking it was going to be an inexpensive Whole Foods and man was I wrong. I bought four cans of this fancy pate and here it sits, uneaten. Many times I’ve said to Toonce, “The Queen of England eats pate. Why can’t my cat?” 

Tonight I broke down and purposefully bought the shredded type of Fancy Feast and a bag of cat crunchies. My roommate greeted me with his usual meows of, “I’m hungry. Said it isn’t pate.” I replied, “It’s your favorite Buddy Boo!” He ate two cans and meowed in happiness. This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Pate vs. Shredded…

  1. Gotta give them what they like. We don’t eat the things we don’t like, no matter how it’s served, even if we’re hungry. Emmie likes pate and Ginger likes both pate and shredded…so that’s what I give them. Everyone is happy.


  2. They want what they want. When possible, Yodi sniffs everything on my plate and if he smells something he likes, he will start eating it. It grosses Danny out so I say, “He only wants a taste.” Danny says, “He licked his butt with that mouth!” This too shall pass..😼

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