Sunday Morning…

It looks as if there’s a lot of disorder at Firewood Temple Base Camp but actually it’s quite organized. The shipping containers are almost completely painted and ready for the upcoming rainy winter. The mornings now have a chill in the air and the nights are starting to get cold, well cold enough for Toonce not to want to stay out all night… 

Rob wants to get the 140 cubic yards of septic field soil trucked in using his dump trailer but I think it’s too late in the summer to start. My unofficial job is to clear out the upper pad area so that dirt can be mounded there…

This morning as Toonce and I walked up to the firewood staging area, we both stopped and stood completely still. He turned to me and meowed, “Don’t start that machine. It’s peaceful out and even the birds aren’t making noise!” I replied, “I hear you Boo, you smart cat! I’ll sharpen the saw chains and you can sit on my lap.” Toonce meowed as if to say, “Lap sounds good!” This too will pass

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