Tools Lost and Found…

This afternoon, I tore apart my truck trying to find this little tool. I won’t even go into what it does but no other tool can take it’s place. It was designed to do only one thing and I rarely have to do that one thing except for today. A fire had turned a wooden pallet warehouse into a heap of charcoal. My job was to cut out the cable feeding the pile of rubble thus  clearing trouble farther down the line. 

The Oakland Fire Department was wrapping up their hoses and equipment when I showed up. I knew the job would require me to boom up to the splice point and free the melted entrance cable from the good cable on the strand. Thankfully our 600 pair cable on the strand wasn’t also melted as was the burnt cable. 

I thought I had left this butterfly cutter in my bucket but after tearing it apart it wasn’t there. I boomed down and carefully opened every bin and shelf. Frustrated, I called my supervisor to see if he could find me one and all I heard was, “Hey Big Guy, you need to take better care of your tools. That tool costs 50 dollars.” I replied, “John, if they are charging us 5 dollars for that tool, we’re getting ripped off.” He agreed and brought me out a couple of them, just in case. This too will pass

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