I’m Sorry Matt…

You might think a father shouldn’t talk like this to his son but I just don’t know what to say anymore. I got a call from a blocked number and foolishly I answered it, “Hey dad it’s me. I got jacked last night. Can you put 40 in my account?” I said, “Where’s your phone? Don’t tell me a story and remember what your mom and I said about keeping your stuff safe.” He went on to tell me how he had lent the phone to some guy who ran off with it. 

He had had a couple of beers last night and this morning his few possessions were gone. I know this sounds terrible but I said, “I’m sorry Matt but drunks get rolled. You need to stop drinking and get to a safe place. You think I like saying this to you? I don’t and it pains me deeply knowing you got robbed but that’s what happens to drunks like yourself.” Remember, a few months ago I went down there to help him and it was a total waste of time and effort. 

Of course, he promised me he’d wise up but it’s always just another hollow promise. It’s always next time or it’s an excuse of, “I drink because…” The truth is, they like to drink, it’s that simple. I can’t even imagine what his bottom of the barrel moment will be in the future. If you think I like saying this stuff, well you’re wrong…

 I called his mom and she will not answer his calls. She and I can only hope the police take him into custody, there he might get some sort of help. Maybe they might see he needs to be on psychotropic meds. One thing that bothers me is hearing from my adult children that Matt is dead to them… Right now I wish I could give you a joyous ending but as of now, there isn’t one. This too will pass

6 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Matt…

  1. You’re doing the right stuff Juan. No one in the world would think you should do anything different – you need to be strong in your resolve and Matt will hit the spot where he will get to a safe place probably get taken there etc or he will see himself that he cannot get stuff from people like you, especially money – he must learn otherwise giving into his ways takes everyone into the gutter. Harsh and sad but that is reality – tough love, Juan, tough love – it’s tough on Matt, it’s tough on you, it’s tough on all who love him I think. God bless


  2. You can try and try and try. I know I did. The bottom line is that only our sons can really help themselves. We can’t make them want to get sober. We can cry and beg and plead and threaten but it is ultimately up to them.


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