In exactly 85 days, I’ll be playing peek-a-boo with my grandson! Some lucky souls get to see their grandchildren everyday if they choose. Three cheers to them but right now, I must make plans long in advance to hold my Hunter. Oh I’m not complaining, it is what it is. Right now I must do this, later who really knows?

I called Delta the other day and waited a few minutes until it was my turn. After hearing the voice say, “Hello Mr. Juan. Thank you for being an elite member of Delta. How may I help you” I figured Delta’s CEO had shipped the reservations department offshore. I had to ask, “What city are you in? I was expecting to hear Mumbai or Bangalore.” She replied, “Dallas Texas and I love it here! It’s like India when it comes to heat.”

The agent and I talked for a few minutes as she made the reservations and I told her how, as a teenager, my mother and I journeyed to Amarnath in the mid-70’s. She said she too had gone to that holy site in the Himalayas. I confessed to her that I had prejudged she was in a boiler room call center in Mumbai and she replied, “Funny thing, I got my start in one of them and now here I am. Thanks for flying Delta.” This too will pass

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