Stacking Liggos…

The South Africans pronounce Legos Liggos and this morning I build a Liggo masterpiece. Stacking firewood is like playing with Liggos of my childhood except way more splintery. Gloves are required and just don’t drop a block on your foot. Ouchies! I wonder how many moms have told their children, “Pick up every Liggo so the vacuum doesn’t get one or else!”

Of all my toys, I loved my Liggos and I plan to get Hunter totally addicted to them when he’s old enough. How times have changed,  my metal box of Liggos contained a few pieces such as the block reading store and crude windows. Today Rob’s son has a set of Liggos that you can build a skyscraper  with a working elevator… 

Back to firewood stacking, I guess this is a grown up version of playing with Liggos… I wish I had a banana milkshake and a peanut butter sandwich waiting for me upon finishing this creation. I’m not stacking the wood in my underwear and playing with my Tonka tractor either but I can say I can now drive a real bulldozer… This too will pass

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