A Cat Morning…

Toonce was up at his early 3am hour and as usual I got up and opened a can of yums and plopped it in his bowl. I knew it wouldn’t be another three hours before it would be light out, so I told Toonce, “You do your business then get back in here. You don’t want to be someone’s early morning snack.  He meowed that he’d make it quick…

Just as I was getting comfortable, Toonce began to scratch at the door. I called out, “Okay Boo, I’m getting up! Hold your claws.” He quickly came in and jumped up on the bed. Soon we both drifted off into a deep sleep only to be awoken by a cawing crow. I turned to Toonce and said, “Can’t you do something about that loud crow. You’re a bird specialist.” He meowed, “He’s my buddy, he’s just happy being a crow.”

As I was getting ready to take off this morning I reminded Toonce to watch the place while I’m gone. Far in the distance a lone dog barked out his existence. That’s when Toonce meowed out, “You drive safe. Don’t forget we’re low on my food.” I told him I’d get some on the way home. Toonce actually has a good life! This too will pass

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