Breaking News…

As I was laying here thinking what I could write about, a bing was emitted from my phone. Was it CNN telling me of an earthquake 20 miles east of Papua NewGuinea just happened or was it another bombing in a marketplace in Iraq? No! It was CNN telling me, “Sources say elephant populations are dwindling.” By the way, they claimed that was a CNN exclusive morsel of information only CNN was able to get. I guess we as a nation have been so dumbed down, CNN knows they can feed us anything and all they  have to do is place a banner on it. Really? It doesn’t take a genius to know elephants are becoming extinct.

Many universities and colleges are closing down their history departments and laying off history professors. Less and less students are seeking degrees in this field because what use is a history degree in today’s job market? I know what you’re saying, “Who needs history knowledge when we have CNN, MSNBC and FOX telling us what we need to know.”

Last night I was hearing John Rothman on KGO telling his audience that high school kids haven’t a clue about major historical facts and he gave a few examples; most teens couldn’t tell in which war did The Battle of The Bulge took place among other events. The final straw made me yell out, “We are doomed!” Some actually thought Benjamin Franklin was the first president of this country? 

Wait, before you think CNN and the other major media outlets aren’t doing their due diligence by reporting news, Chris Brown was arrested at his house for assault yesterday and Selena Gomez is taking time off for health reasons. (I haven’t a clue who they are.) In case those two vital pieces of information aren’t proof our media keeps us informed, the next season of ABC’s The Bachelor is in production or ready to go… This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Breaking News…

  1. I used to tell Loser (who ran a newspaper) that if he would just turn it into a Hollywood tabloid, he would sell a million papers locally.
    Everybody wants to know what the flipping Kardashians are doing…so tell them. Nobody cares what’s happening in the real world.

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