Beets, Yogurt and Bleu Cheese

Why people like beets, only The CosmicConsciousness, in all its divine wisdom, knows. Yesterday the waitress said, “The petite steak comes with potatoes and fresh vegetables.” Little did I know beets were going to be involved. Had I known that, I would have ordered the chicken or pasta.

There are three food items you’ll never find in my shopping basket: beets, Bleu Cheese and yogurt. I’ve said this to those close to me, Should I get captured by ISIS and I’m allowed to make a televised statement as to my well being and treatment and I say, “I am being treated well and I can’t wait to return home to a bowl of any of the above three!” I’m being tortured and all is lost. 

I ask myself, “Why do people like beets?” I think the best comical line in a television episode is when Dwight Shrute and Micheal Scott of The Office are driving together and Dwight brings up his beet farm. Micheal says, “No one likes beets. Why don’t you grow something people really like, like candy!” I told you I’m easily amused. Here’s a simple aptitude tests question: Garlic is to vampire as Beets are to …… This too will pass

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