Have a Junky Christmas.

The Korean based Han Jin Shipping Corporation has suddenly declared bankruptcy. Now a few of their massive container ships are anchored in San Francisco Bay, their crews waiting to see if the Port of Oakland operators will unload them gratis. The Port of Oakland will really suffer being that Han Jin was one of the major shipping companies doing business here. You might be asking, “How will it really affect us?” Please hold your children close and tell them, “Sorry kids, Christmas will not come this year…” 

If Christmas does indeed show up, it will be late. I heard it on the news this morning so it must be true. The KCBS reporter went onto say, “While the ships with their containers sit idle, fruits and vegetables destined for the Far East won’t be going anywhere and the junk coming to us for Christmas will not make it here.” 

Finally, someone tells the truth about most of the stuff found under our Christmas trees lately! Oh I’ve bought that same junk so I’m no better than anyone else. The last couple of Christmas’s I haven’t bought any of that stuff. Imagine a container ship carrying 19,000 forty-five foot containers of faded plastic toys destined to be discarded within a year or so. 

Maybe this minor blip in the news is the first of many downturns in the global economy. No matter what happens, I do know this, Christmas will show up on December 25th. The real Christmas is felt within not with a boxed piece of plastic… This too will pass

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