The Impossible Dream

“Sometimes it’s better when we don’t get to touch our dreams…” That prophetic line came from Harry Chapin’s song Sequel. It rings true today as it did in the 80’s and I finally understand it. Remember how long back, I told you I was a little like Don Quixote of The Man of LaMancha… I dreamed an impossible dream and guess what? The dream did indeed come true but it ended quite fast and with a few tears… 

I must say during the early years of my journey I had my very own simple minded Sancho Panza but at one point she lost faith that I would ever hear from my windmill. My therapist then took over and kept me on a balanced path should I never see or hear from the windmill again. In 2012, the windmill contacted me.

In 2014, I flew back to render aid to a tired windmill and then again earlier this year. It had taken 17 years for it to happen as I knew it always would. I won’t go into what was causing the windmill to look a bit rundown in her sails. When it was time to move on she did and now finally I’m totally ok if I never hear from the windmill again. 

As Don Quixote lay on his death bed he begged for forgiveness caused by his nonsensical behavior. Maybe if I am on my death bed, I too will beg for forgiveness from those I hurt in my journey. Instead of fighting a windmill, I tried to love a windmill… This is where the song, The Impossible Dream starts playing… This too will pass

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