I’m All In…

I felt I needed to call my friend Robert Sund the other day for I hadn’t spoken to him in a while.  I left the usual message, “How are you Robert? Well tell me you’re not going to vote for Herr Trump. (I knew he would being that he’s a rabid anti-immigration supporter and die hard Republican)” I called to tease him about Trump’s visit to meet an unpopular Mexican President Enrique Pena Neito. He called me back this afternoon where he proceeded to tell, “He’s my man. I’m all in!”

I lost a lot of respect for Robert hearing he’s a Trump supporter. Of course, he had to go into how Hillary did this and that… “Yeah Yeah… Wasn’t it your grand parent’s leader who said, ‘Keep telling them a lie and they’ll believe it.” Robert had three uncles who had fought and died in the German 6th Army at Stalingrad. He replied, “Guerra, I’d rather have him in office than – crook in office.”

We joked that soon our national anthem might be changed to Erika or Tomorrow Belongs to Me (Google them) and of how cattle rail cars will be replaced with car carrying rail cars, if Herr Trump gets in office… Well thank goodness Hillary has a 20 point lead in California! This too will pass

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