My New Friend…

As I moved a small rock this morning, there he was, an elusive black scorpion Rob has warned me about. There he was napping or minding his business, I wasn’t about to get close enough to find out what he was doing. The truth is, I’m sure he thought I was a bird so he lay completely still as not draw my attention.  

My friend had a pretty impressive arched stinger. I’m sure he wanted nothing to do with me and his only defense would be to use it. Toonce walked up near where we were having our close encounter. He meowed, “I don’t go near them. Not that I’ve ever been stung but us cats just let them do their thing.”

Gently, I replaced the rock back over him and we went our ways. I turned to Toonce and said, “Well that was kind of too close.” He meowed, “Don’t worry about those black things. They’re just living their lives as we are. You need to live in the now.” This too will pass

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