Yu Ming School…

My first job of the day was to install an old fashioned telephone line at the Yu Ming Charter School. I drove up and parked the old truck near the concreted playground; there thru the chain link fence fifty students were standing at complete attention chanting some sort of pledge. They all said it with such vigor I said to myself, “Chairman Mao would have been proud. Everyone standing at attention chanting something in Mandarin.”

I walked up the stairs and peered in the window of the door. The hallway was vacant, I knew everyone was outside attending the rally. I waited patiently till I heard the happy screams and laughs from the children. A few minutes after hearing the laugher subside, I pressed the high tech door buzzer, an almost silent click signaled the door was now unlocked. The once empty hallway was filled with well behaved children dressed in blue shorts and white short sleeve shirts. 

I asked one of them, “Which way to the office?” One boy motioned for me to follow him, I did and thanked him for his effort. He pointed me to the school secretary who was attending to an important call.  Another woman came up to me and said, “Are you here to install our new line?” I replied, “Yes but there is no phone jack on the order so you’ll need to find someone to install it before the line works.” She replied, “I’ll go get our technician out of class!” Let me say this, it wasn’t a teacher… 

The child quickly ran up to us and accessed the job. He spoke to the secretary in Mandarin as if to say, “I know exactly what needed to be done.” He then ran back to class. I said, “I guess he’s got this under control.” She replied, “He’s very smart.” I walked out of there with my tail between my legs… This too will pass

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