Mental Illness Abounds…

I journeyed to Penngrove to get my mail and then I stopped at a Peet’s for a well deserved iced tea. I’m quietly checking out people’s blog posts when I hear a young man start talking loudly on the phone to his mother. He begins to get aggitated and tells her, “I’m sitting at this coffee shop doing my job and I don’t have time to explain why I was fired from my last job. I am not ill and I don’t need help.”

Hearing him talk to his mom reminded me of how Matt talks to me and of how he says, “I’m too busy to tell you how I got fired from Wing-Stop.” I’ve had this same exact conversation with Matt and it always ends with, “I’m just fine. It’s Josh, Chris and you and mom with the problem!”

Quietly a man behind me got up and went to the young man’s table and began to speak with him. He must be some sort of therapist for he calmed the man down. In a soft reassuring voice he developed a moment of clarity in the man. How I wish someone in San Diego would do the same thing with my son. 

Matt has nothing going for him and is a lost soul. When someone asks how Matt’s doing, I say, “He’s living in the creek side bushes in Mission Valley. All day he sits in front of Target and watches people go by but don’t worry, in exactly one year I’ll have his student loans paid off.” This too will pass

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