Yesterday When I Was Young…

Roy Clark’s classic song captures sometimes how foolish we are when we are young. Even into our late twenties, sometimes we think the world revolves around us and only us. I happened to be sitting in my usual Sonoma Starbucks when a wedding planner and her two clients showed up for their introductory meeting. 

While the bride was intently looking over the planners resume, the future groom was subtly checking out all the women as they passed thru the door. I watched the game for quite a while. The conversation came down to how much Tara’s parents were going to spend on her big big big day.

The number 55,000 dollars was mentioned, evidentially Tara’s daddy is an investment banker in San Francisco and he wants her to feel special on her day. Meanwhile the groom was more interested in checking out two teenage girls wearing incredibly tight jeans. At one point Tara said, “Stevie, what do you think about what Sally is saying about the color scheme?” He replied, “Yeah that’s great.” You could tell he didn’t care in the least.

After thirty minutes, the meeting ended and the couple was given a packet of information with promises of, “We’ll talk.” I watched how the couple hopped into their new BMW and took off. I approached Sally and said, “Pardon me. I noticed the groom’s lack of interest with the plans.” She replied, “I’ve been doing this for 15 years now and most don’t care. All those I’ve planned for have divorced. Such is life.” This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Yesterday When I Was Young…

  1. Women have been conditioned to believe that a wedding is her big day. I eloped and both my kids got married by a Justice of the Peace. We gave them money instead of a wedding, so they could get a place to live. I taught my kids that weddings were meaningless…so they were.


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