Duterte’s War…

If you haven’t been watching the news lately, The President of the Philippines has declared war on those who sell or buy drugs. If you haven’t kept up with world issues as of late, Duterte is the non-politician voted in by his uneducated people. I think his motto was, “Let’s Make The Philippines Strong Again.” Some other non-politian is using a similar motto for his campaign, anyway President Duterte is the “People’s President.” Sound familiar?

Now I’m hardly a scholar of international law but I’m quite sure summary executions aren’t legal in the Philippines. So far, 1300 people have been taken into custody and executed in dark fields at night. Duterte has boastfully told his cheering masses that he won’t stop until every drug pusher is behind bars or in the ground, “It’s their choice.”

The other day he commented that President Obama is a son of a bitch and he’s only accountable to his people. Does this sort of talk sound familiar? Meanwhile, not so secretly Duterte is rounding up the guilty and really who needs a trial anyways when you’re guilty? I wonder if Duterte’s crowds screamed out at his rallies, “Build The Wall. Build The Wall!” I mean, “Kill Them All. Kill Them All!” Duterte is dangerous but he isn’t nearly as dangerous as our very own demagogue. This too will pass

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