Spam File…My Blog Needs Help

“If you could send me just one hundred dollars, I can get myself out of this financial hardship I’m in and I’ll help you.” Mr. Mufasa Lyons went on to tell me how he loves my blog and has gotten good information from it. What was it he wrote that had me looking for my bank routing number? “Your blog gives me inciteful noledge and with my help, we can have your blog go viral.” Listen before you jump to any conclusions, if a man from Nigeria can find something good in my blog then maybe I can help him just this one time. On the second thought, I better stop the wire transfer to Bank of Lagos Nigeria.

After deleting Mr. Lyon’s comment I read the next one from a major running shoe company’s e-mail address which said, “This blog is fantastic… It can go viral with my help. I’m very trustworthy!” Why would someone at a shoe manufacturing company care about my blog? All I can think is, they might have highjacked their e-mail address or the writer is stealing valuable company time writing this stuff. If that’s so, then he might not be so trustworthy as he says he is. That shower of praise went directly to the delete file…

What’s this one regarding, “Tires are cheaper from a direct importer!” How does this sort of comment even make it here? I only once remember using the word “tire” in a post. A few weeks back I told you how I had a bent my front right wheel after my near miss with a couple of lucky rabbits and now a thread on cheap tires has started? I’m going to really get them going when I mention in my tags: Mufasa Lyons, Rubbermaid Products, chicken dinners and disposable synthetic sponges. I’ll throw in Ukrainian Food.

On an average day, thirty people read my little blog and I really don’t care how many people read it. A few days ago, I laughed when I saw, a person write a long winded thank you post about how she had achieved 16,000 fans. Just imagine if she asked for a dollar from her devoted followers! So here it goes, if each of my loyal followers send me one dollar to Juan Guerra P.O Box 125, Penngrove, Ca. 94951, you will help me and in turn I can help your blog go viral. No cash  or coins only cashier checks… (Shhh I know a secret way I learned from an internet focused man in Nigeria.) This too will pass




11 thoughts on “Spam File…My Blog Needs Help

  1. I love these! I get quite a few but I always “play” with them for a few days. It usually ends with a message from me saying “did you get the transfer?” They immediately respond with “no.” So, I say “Really? Well, I guess you got scammed!” LOL

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  2. LOL! It reminds me of the old days before I changed options requiring that commenters sign-in with their Word Press account in order to comment. I used that option to stop threatening, harassing comments, but it eliminated about 99 percent of the spam.

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