Mind Games…

It was a non-eventful ride back up to The Firewood Temple last night and there to meet me was my loyal roommate. He meowed, “Feed me now please.” I quickly did what he asked because there’s nothing worse than hearing a meowing hungry cat. As soon as he had eaten he went to the door and meowed, “The crickets are out and it’s warm. I’ll be back later. I’ll scratch at the door, you let me in.”

At 4am I woke up and said to myself, “Where’s my cat. He’s usually scratching by now.” I got up and opened the door and called out softly, “Toonce! Toonce where are you?” The orchestra of crickets hadn’t missed a beat thoughout the night yet the stillness of the night was deafening. I again called out, “Toonce! Get in here please.” Foolishly for a moment thought, “A mountain lion had happened on Toonce and I’d never see him again.”

I left the door open and my mind began to come with scenarios as to Toonce’s demise. “He came up on a sleeping rattlesnake and well, he meowed out softly as the venom coursed thru his body.” I plopped a can of food in his bowl and went to lay back down thinking, “He was a good cat. What am I going to do with all those cans of cat food?” Suddenly I heard a meow and then him gulping down his food. “Where have you been Mr. Toonce?” I asked. He replied, “Out… Stop it with the games that your pain body ego has you playing. Practice what Eckhardt Tolle teaches you.” This too will pass 

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