A Pack of Wolves…

The phone rang at 12:31am this morning and I knew that if I accepted the call, I would be assured of at least four hours of time and a half. I happily said, “Yes!” Toonce meowed his displeasure when I moved him off his comfortable spot but I whispered to him, “Three hundred buys a lot of cat yums. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He meowed, “Remember, it’s not all about making money.”

Having told the dispatcher I’d be there in an hour, I jetted down the empty freeways to the garage. Upon pulling up to the garage, a band of homeless people had parked themselves in front of one of our roll up gates so rather than disturbing them,  I entered thru the exit gate. After warming up my tired truck, I headed to the job location but it wasn’t the usual water department request. I said to myself, “Pacific Gas and Electric needed a locate at this time of night?” I arrived at the intersection of Melville and I forget in the Oakland Hills. It was completely dark out being that a tree had fallen on their wires,  causing a widespread blackout in the area. The electric company crews hadn’t arrived yet but up ahead I saw three running figures coming at me! For a moment I said to myself, “Oh no! A pack of wolves are about to devour me!” No, it was three deer in the middle to the street trying to get to safety… 

Once they passed by me and I saw they were just a family of skiddish deer, I laughed out loud. This little event kind of reminds me of what Sri Ramakrishna once said about mistaking a stick on the ground for a deadly snake… It’s all about perceiving the unreal from the real… This too will pass

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