Everyone knows it’s not a good idea to eat food after it’s fallen on the floor. Well, I guess if a unpeeled banana happens to find its way onto the floor, a dust off would be in good order to make it safe. This early morning I yelled out, “They’re Moroons!” A team of researchers at a well known institution of higher learning have been conducting a study on the five second rule. 

Their research consisted of dropped different types of food on various test floors and surfaces. Did you know a slice of buttered bread falling face down develops more bacteria than a salted dry cracker? Now that’s science in action. Here’s another thing they proved; don’t even think about eating anything dropped in front of the urinals in a men’s bathroom… 

I don’t know about you but I’d be ashamed of putting my name on the above research study. I’ve decided to nominate this group of researchers for a chance to win my first annual and soon coveted, “You’re The Biggest Moron in The World” award. Let it be known, Once the cloak of Moron has been cast on one’s shoulders, it can not be removed… This too will pass

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