Is That So?

Many years ago there lived a Zen teacher named Haquin. He was respected by the entire village and people came to him for advice. One day in the house next to his, a teenage girl lied and told her parents that Haquin was the father of her illegitimate baby. The parents ran over to Haquin and said, “Since you are the father of our daughter’s baby, then you will take of it!” Haquin softly said, “Is that so?”

The parents then handed the baby to Haquin. For one year he took loving care of the infant. Then one day the daughter broke down a confessed that the father of the baby wasn’t Haquin but the young man who worked at the butcher shop down the road. The parents immediately went to see Haquin, “We are so sorry. You are not the father. We will take the baby now.” All Haquin quietly said was, “Is that so?” Haquin handed over the baby to the parents and went about his life… 

I wish I could tell this story like Eckhardt Tolle does but here’s the point; no matter what happened the Haquin did not get upset. Serious accusations and then after taking care of the baby for quite some time just for it to be taken from him did not change his composure. I guess it’s called acceptance and they say it liberates you in accepting what happens rather than freaking out… This too will pass

One thought on “Is That So?

  1. Yes and he lived in a village a LONG time ago, without lawyers and courts and drive by shootings. The baby was, most likely, born in a house/hut. I get the point but would you take in a baby today? The ramifications would be insane. Those stories don’t transfer to today’s way of life. We don’t have to go with the flow…WE ARE the flow. We need NEW stories that more people can relate to, including kids. That way of life was never part of America. The story makes the point but it has no sense of reality for those who are from here. That’s why we need NEW stories for kids where babies are born in hospitals and there are police and schools and neighbors who barely speak to each other. All the Zen stories are the same. We need our own stories. Kids can’t believe these and they see loopholes everywhere because they can’t imagine living that way. I can hear them asking if the baby was adopted, why didn’t the guy have a DNA test to make sure the baby was his? All good questions for Americans. The point of the story would be lost to them because it wouldn’t make sense that someone just said something and gave away a baby without out proof. Not our world.


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