Keep Telling The Same Lie…

 “If you tell them the same lie over and over. They will believe it’s the truth.” An infamous bad guy wrote this in his book, My Struggle. So everyday Donald Trump keeps telling his followers, made up of simple minded folk, that Hillary is bad. I wonder where he learned this little trick?

Ivana Trump in a 1989 Vanity Fair interview said The Donald had the writer of My Struggle’s less popular second book, My Speeches, by his night table. When Mr. Trump was asked if he indeed had that book he said and I’m paraphrasing, “Yeah I have a lot of books people give me. A Jewish friend of mine gave it to me. That’s if I had it.” Sound familiar? 

Donald Trump is dangerous and you know it as well as I that it won’t end good if he’s elected to the most powerful position in the world… My question is, if by chance he is elected, will he keep the planes on time? The other guy kept the trains on time yet destroyed his country after he promised over and over to make his country great again… This too better pass

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