A 3.5 Quake…

The phone rang at exactly 2:40am, “This is the night reporting center for The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company. We have a mark and locate. Would you be willing to take it?” I said yes… A small earthquake hit the Oakland Hills at 12:45am. There was no damage to structures but a already weak water main decided it was time to give up the ghost…

I threw on my clothes and headed south. In the last 5 nights I’ve been called out three times… I love it. For a few minutes of work, I’ve been paid 12 hours. Sure it’s hard to get on the road so early in morning but where does someone get a job like this anymore?

The water department crew had already dug their hole prior to me getting there. The gruff and grizzly foreman knew I had come in from Sonoma. As I walked up to him, he called out, “We started digging. Your stuff is in the air. Thanks for getting up and driving here.” I proceeded to mark the pavement with “No ATT” and headed to my favorite all night donut shop for a snack. This too will pass

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