West Coast Sunset…

Yesterday, a little old lady approached my truck and said, “I’ve called over and over about someone from The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company coming out and cutting down these abandoned phone wires. They come out and since they never have a ladder truck like yours, they just walk away. Please can you remove those wires?” I gave her the standard line, “You need to call in until someone actually does it.” 

For the whole day I ruminated over what I had told her to do. At one point I said to myself, “She was nice. Just drive there and do it.” I left my last job and made my way to the place where I was approached by the nice lady. It turns out she was the pastor of the remodeled church where the old wires once went to. She came out and cheered and clapped as I cut the dead wires. As I was loading the scrap wire into my truck she came up to me and said, “I had faith you would come back!” This too will pass

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