Laguna Beach, Here I Come! 

I bought my ticket online last night after Josh complained “When are you coming to see me? You only care about that baby!” Next weekend I’ll fly south to LAX and then drive south to Newport Beach-Laguna Beach. Ahhh, the land of sun, surf and pretty people. If you think I’m joking, I’m totally serious. Up and down The Pacific Coast Highway every other office building’s sign reads, “Skin Care Center, Plastic Surgery Center or Dental Restoration Center.”

Isn’t vanity one of the deadly sins? Not in Laguna Beach it isn’t. A land where men wearing nothing but beach shorts strut about the town like proud roosters hoping to attract the eye of minimally clad woman. Josh and his two roommates had to leave their condo during the summer months to make way for those out-of-towners so willing to pay 5000 dollars a month for their condo. I guess it’s worth 5000 dollars to have the white sand at your feet.

Only in Laguna Beach on the Pacific Coast Highway can you see a custom painted Bentley parked illegally being ticketed by a meter maid wearing designer shorts; all the while the owner of said vehicle sits at the outdoor cafe watching it all go down yet cares more about the other famous people walking by. I know you think I’m joking but I’m not… Again isn’t vanity a deadly sin? This too will pass

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