Ed’s Rapture…

Somewhere in The Bible it says a false prophet will something something and well you know, it won’t end up good for many… Last night while Ed and I were finishing  up our slices of pizza in my truck, we once again played, “Do you renounce being a follower of Christ?” That’s the game where I point my imaginary gun at Ed, his wife and daughter and say, “Ed! All you have to do is say, ‘I’m not a Christian and you all live. Come on Ed say it and you all walk away!” He refused to deny being a follower. 

He went on to say these are the final hours of the final days. I tried to tell him that he shouldn’t want The Rapture to happen because there’s going to be much suffering and it will be a nightmare for those not saved such as I. The discussion then turned to who gets to enter heaven, “So Ed, let’s say you have the Dalai Llama a man of God, he doesn’t go to heaven? He’s lived his whole life worshipping God and yet Joseph Stalin, who had millions killed, all he had to do was say, ‘Christ is my savior and he gets in?”

Ed’s response is always the same, “It says it right there in The Bible and something about power of God.” That’s when I pointed my imaginary gun at his daughter Rose. “All you have to say is, ‘I am not a Christian.” Meanwhile little Rose is pleading, “Daddy I don’t want to die! Please daddy!” He refused. We ended our conversation with, “I’ll follow you back to the garage. You working tomorrow Juan?”I replied, “Yeah. I took the imaginary bullets out of my imaginary gun till next time.”  This too will pass

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