Edward Albee’s Legacy…

Writer Edward Albee died at the ripe old age of 88 yesterday. He added his light into the world by means of telling stories. His most famous was of two booze hounds locked in a hopeless passive-aggressive death struggle. Martha was the loud and abrasive drunk, you know, the long in the tooth type and George, the quiet intellectual drunk who had settled for a life of “less thans and what ifs.”

The truth is, they both deserved each other, two drunks playing their low stakes game of verbally jabbing at each other. I would love to see a remake of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe. This time with a tinge of domestic violence thrown in, nothing major just a broken toe here and a contusion there, now that’s real life. My version would of course have to include the constant texts and calls of profanity followed by, “I love you, come back and we’ll make sweet love.” The truly sad thing is, they always manage to make up and go right back into their little game…

One more thing I’d add is another character, a good intentioned man who tries to get someone he once loved to safety. He tends to her wounds and gives her kindness and compassion yet all the while, she’s figuring out how to make her way back into her abuser’s arms. No really that would be perfect, and when it’s all said and done, nothing has changed… Here’s to you Mr. Albee! This too will pass

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