Hmmm… I Thought He Was a Right Wing Tool…

How many days until the election to decide what happens to the planet, not just this country? I love how Bernie Sanders told his disenfranchised followers not to vote for Trump, “Let me say this. Quite frankly, he doesn’t share any of my views.” On the other side of the aisle there are those who really think Mr. Trump will, “Make America Great Again!” Somehow single handedly Trump will drive those rat like illegal aliens out of the country and everyone will be happier not having that vermin in this country.

Mr. Trump is a total fake and I can only conclude that a majority of the people in this country are total and complete morons. (Sorry, I’m calling it as I see it. If you want to unfollow me, go ahead.) Yes, I am worried that Donald Trump will get elected but I know how narcissistic psychopaths act, he’ll end up resigning when things fail because that’s what people like him do. Here’s the real scary thing, Tea Party Mike Pence then gets in power. Wonderful, here’s a guy who doesn’t want to be known as Vice-President. Why you ask? Because he doesn’t like to use the word vice… Please… This too will pass



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