So It Wasn’t an Act of Terror…

Earlier today, Mr. Nicolas Glenn walked up to a couple of Philadelphia police officers and started blasting his 9mm at them. One officer was killed outright and the other was severely wounded. Responding officers then cornered Mr. Glenn and quickly took care of him. As Sonny Corleone, of The Godfather, said to Constanza, “Pauli? Yeah, he ain’t gonna be coming around here no more.”!

So young 25 year old Nicolas wasn’t unhappy with the police and as one of his final acts wrote a “rambling” manifesto explaining his coming actions. The authorities must have read his words and realized, “This isn’t terror, this is just a man pumping as many rounds out as he could into some people.” You see there’s a big difference between terrorizing innocent people with guns and terrorizing people with guns. Wait! Is there a difference? 

The police spokesman of Philadelphia said, “Mr. Glenn hadn’t been radicalize by Islam thus it wasn’t a terroristic act.” I don’t know about you but count me out when some guy going nuts with a gun and yet it isn’t considered a terrorist act. Shooting up a store or restaurant ‘not’ in the name of Allah must be less frightening than a guy saying, “Allah Akbar!” (God is great!) This too will pass

4 thoughts on “ So It Wasn’t an Act of Terror…

  1. They only call it terror if it’s muslims but then they don’t want to use the words Islamic Jihad or Islamic terror. I’m sick of all the convenient labels that are used or not used. It’s ALL terror when someone starts shooting. Unreal.


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