Vedanta and Honey…

Long ago, my mother after years of searching found Vedanta by means of The Vedanta Society of Northern California to relief some of the internal struggles she went thru. She would religiously sit thru countless lecture and class yet still she remained very unhappy. 

At one point in her later years, someone guided her to Sai Baba in Bangalore India. She bought a ticket and flew there. I really don’t know much of Sai Baba’s teachings but whatever he said or did to her gave her peace for the remaining years of her life. It’s as if she had awoken that which is intrinsic to all souls. 

Here’s my take on this, book knowledge is fine and dandy but that’s it. You can memorize The Bhagavad Gita, The Bible or Koran but still remain totally unfulfilled. Eckhardt Tolle speaks of being able to write books and books on Honey but unless you taste it,  you won’t know what honey is. At least she found out what honey tasted like… This too will pass

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