A Blast From The Past

The news had reported that an explosion had taken place in NewYork City on Saturday and for a moment I said to myself, “I know the chances are minimal but I had better call Chris to see if he’s okay.” I did and it turns out he had passed the intersection of 6th Avenue and 23rd Street an hour before on his way to work. He then heard the explosion in the distance and soon thereafter the many sirens heading to the crime scene.

Is this the “October Surprise” the media political pundits are always talking about? I’m rather worried that this is another case of Germany’s Reichstag being burned. (Mr. Van de Lubbe Google him) That false terrorist attack eventually caused the deaths of nearly 50,000,000 people and here we are today. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh wonderful, here he goes on some wild conspiracy theory.” The truth is, who would have thought someone would have actually have the guts to burn the Reichstag for political gain back then?

I find it interesting that a pressure cookers was used to make the bomb and that the bomb was placed in a metal debris dumpster. If it was a dumpster then most of the explosive energy would have traveled upwards rather than sideways. It would have taken a lot more explosive force to travel thru an eighth inch steel walled container. Obviously, it wasn’t a professional terrorist attack; something sounds fishy with this whole thing. We will see now what happens. This too will pass

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