Sonoma Valley…

The Grape Crush is nearing its completion and already the leafs on the vines are starting to turn yellow and brown. Who can blame them? They’ve done their job for the year and soon they will fall asleep until late March next year. Meanwhile the semis speed down the roads at all hours delivering their loads to the processing plants tucked away off the beaten track. 

The day’s heat hasn’t broken yet and the sun went down hours ago. You know it’s The Crush because the taco trucks and carts are open throughout the night. They feed the night grape picking workers. (Remember the best wines are made from night picked grapes.)

The tour buses are filled with wine lovers trying to be at one with the grape harvest and the restaurants such as The Fig are packed with lines out the door. This has to be one of the nicest times of year to be here and I’m totally blessed to be living here. This too will pass

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