The Local News…

Now I’ve heard it all, a Bay Area company is producing vibrators with Bluetooth technology, isn’t there anything that doesn’t have Bluetooth technology? Does that mean vibrators have IP addresses and why in the world would you need Bluetooth with one of those things? The company spokeswoman said, “Our product is perfect should you want to pleasure your partner from across the world.” I swear that was her statement. Enough of this talk, now onto other bizarre items…

San Francisco’s Millennial Tower is sinking on one side by 16 inches since it was completed a couple of years ago. The 58 story sleek silver glasses building was doing just fine until a contractor started digging the foundation for the Transbay Terminal next door. The condo owners had been paying millions for their panoramic views of San Francisco Bay… Lawsuits will follow without a doubt…

Finally, the Oakland Police Department is reeling after some of its officers were caught messing around with an underage prostitute. Some officers have been fired, some have been suspended and one even committed suicide… The Mayor of Oakland gave up appointing a police chief after it was learned the latest candidate had some skeleton in his past. This too will pass

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