Vote Yes or No On…

I love this time of year, the shadows deepen in the afternoon and we are told that if we vote yes or no on a certain proposition, the end of civilization will shortly follow and the ads always have to have the single piano music ominously playing in the background followed by a voices of concerned people talking to one another. 

“Hi Jane! Did you hear that they want to regulate X again?” “Yes Mary, I did! Don’t they know we need X to survive?” The perky millennial voice goes on to say that should this proposition be passed or voted down, dogs and cat will be forced to live in unholy matrimony. It’s always those damned special interest guys who are pushing this on us with their hidden agendas and secret plots.

It’s the super fast wording at the end that gets me laughing; major funding for the Vote No on X campaign is by Oil, Cigarette, Banking Companies and is supported by healthcare workers, firemen, police, teachers and concerned citizens like you. This voting season there’s a real chill in the air… This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Vote Yes or No On…

  1. I am not sure if I have heard this one but I do think they are becoming quite entertaining, Juan. Hope all is well with you, keep you in my thoughts when I watch national weather and news, since California isn’t very close to what we have in the various news features. We did have a serial killer confess in Ohio, though!


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