His Personality Shows Itself Again…

The first debate hadn’t even taken place and already Donald Trump is questioning the moderator’s fairness. My God, he’s telling his followers, “If I don’t do well in this debate, then the whole thing is rigged.” Wasn’t that the same thing he said about how if he was to lose in Pennsylvania, then the election would be rigged against him?

You might not like Hillary Clinton for a few of her questionable statements but Donald’s words and actions really concern me. The fact that the race is even this close is unbelievable. Mr. Trump is a charismatic psychopath who can fool the foolish into believing he alone can save America. You know it as well as I, that when things go bad he’ll be blaming the system for the his leadership failures. 

Some in the field of psychology  think Hillary might have a tinge of cerebral psychopathy in her personality but Mr. Trump is a full blown charismatic psychopath. Watch what happens when things go rough, he’ll resign as President on the excuse, “his company needs him.” No, it won’t be for his botched leadership and actions. 

This presidential race is a complete and total nightmare and we’re in serious trouble if Mr. Trump gets in The White House. I can only hope what they say is true how a cerebral psychopath will always trump a charismatic psychopath. If I was a pilot, I’d be saying, “Folks, I’m turning on the seatbelt sign. Be prepared for a bumpy ride.” This too will pass

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