Bye Bye La La Land…

It will be good to get back north to the land of sanity. I was able to get the earlier flight out of here so I don’t have to dash to BART and then jog thru the streets of Oakland to my work garage for I need to have my boots on and ready to go at 1pm. 

Orange County is so conservative that old white men actually stand on street corners holding Trump signs and lawn signs proclaim Trump! Make America Strong Again!  My own son, the fruit of my loins, is going to vote for that guy. I actually asked him, “Do you really believe all his stuff?” He does… 

I’m proud to be an open minded liberal thinking man though some have called me a closed minded boviator. L.A County tends to be more liberal than The O.C. I guess it is all about where the money is. Yes soon I’ll be back where people actually believe in giving a living wage to their employees and free speech is cherished. Maybe Northern California is the last bastion of clear thinking in this country of ours… This too will pass

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