Sun Surf and Liver Spots…

I could have shown you a photo of Los Angeles International Airport but I decided not to. Instead here’s an early dinner salad and me. I just realized, I’m turning 60 in six short months and the funny thing is, Josh just turned 28 and he might be too old to hangout at the mall in Huntington Beach…  

We had a late lunch or old folks light early dinner at this place called Simmyz. Everyone in the place was young and I felt so old. The young waitresses looked amazing and I asked Josh, “Where was I when there were all these young women were walking around?” Oh that’s right, I was working and raising a family and they were two years old if that.

No, I’m actually happy to have been able to make it to sixty, I count myself lucky. I never had to fight in a war nor be in any fist-a-cuff fight. Most of my children are successful and I can retire now at anytime without a penalty. I have a cat that adores his caretaker and actually life is good. As I dropped Josh off at his place he said, “It was good to be with you dad!” This too will pass

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