First World Problems vs. Third World Problems…

I walked into one of my usual Starbucks for an afternoon iced coffee. The barrista and cashier felt it necessary to repeatedly apologize to the people standing in line. What were they sorry about?The store was out of flat lids for cold drinks and they only had the domed plastic lids. One unhappy woman mumbled, “Wonderful, just great! There goes my car interior.” I turned around and smiled but said nothing. I wanted to say, You’re a moron but I was wearing company garb so I just shook my head. 

In the Sudan, people don’t have enough food everyday and we here worry about plastic lids? Can you imagine if, God forbid, some sort of real trouble happens in this country. Here we worry about some of the stupidest things. Just this afternoon a man came up to my truck and said, “My internet line is super slow, I’m only getting 32 megabytes a second not 55…” Meanwhile in India people are sick and dying and there just isn’t any medicine to give them…

What would happen if let’s say all the supermarkets ran out of food due to some crisis? The streets would be filled with angry mobs and I wonder if plastic lids would make things better? We might be spoiled and maybe we need a reality check. This too will pass

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